Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dunot ever give up eaaa!! :D

Posted by vero at 9:19 PM
long time no blogging.... :p

yes.. i'm now at balikpapan... one of biggest city at east kalimantan..
well.. many fren think that balikpapan is such a small, traditional, old city..
no no.. it is a nice city to live.. well for u who have already enjoyed the traffic jam in Jakarta will really enjoy living here...

about 3 years ago when I went here, there is only 1 big mall.. then i prayed, God, I can't live without mall.. haha... I need it badlyyy.... then guess what.. years after... some big mall were built here, and the old mall is now being renovated...
what else... oh.. i need fast internet connection... but my SMART modem can not work here since there is no SMART signal here.. but,... i think SMART will be here soon, (since I see that they look for some people to work here - jobstreet said it :p)

what else ya... oya... some years ago Air Asia was operated here, but was closed about 1.5 yrs ago... but then. they open it again.. :P huhuy...

well many small, and big things were answered... even when your prayer just like whisper in God's ear.. but He do really make it for you! *Tuhan emang lebay.. :))

Already live here for about 2 months... and i'm now looking for new job here..
well actually if it is possible.. I don't want coding anymore.. hehe...
But it seems that with my IT background it is quite difficult for me to look job here, not like in Jakarta, there are bunch IT job...
Sometime i do wanna give up... but.. then i was encouraged while i chat with my fren, he asked me how many application have u posted?
"more than Fifty may be ", I said, yes I have posted application from last year..
THen he said.. "hey, my fren post 200! then he got the job..."

I got the point... never give up on your tries.. coz u will never know when will you receive the blessing fr God...

New learning point God speaks to me.. :) thanks fren!


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