Sunday, February 28, 2010

yes 49:8

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"Beginilah firman TUHAN: "Pada waktu Aku berkenan, Aku akan menjawab engkau, dan pada hari Aku menyelamatkan, Aku akan menolong engkau; "

Bbrp waktu ini, satu ptanyaan yang muncul : kenapa Tuhan diam?

Bukan kah Dia adalah Tuhan yg membuka pintu ketika kita mengetuk?
Tuhan yang menjawab ketika kita berseru?

Dan akan menjadi waktu2 tersulit ketika kita meminta guidance dari Tuhan, dan rasanya Tuhan speak nothing...

Tapi kemaren waktu baca Yes 49:9 , aku menemukan jawaban atas ptanyaan itu:

"Pada waktu Aku BERKENAN", Tuhan bilang... that's the point...

Jadi untuk mslah kapan Tuhan kasih jawaban, its totally hak nya Tuhan...
ketika Tuhan berkenan, dan Tuhan mau melakukannya, pasti Tuhan akan jawab.

Dan satu hal di ayat 15 dibilang bahwa Tuhan tidak pernah melupakan kita.

Yup, walopun Tuhan diam, tp Tuhan TELAH mendengar semuanya, dan pasti akan ada waktunya untuk setiap kita menerima jawaban atas pertanyaan2 kita....


Thursday, February 25, 2010

axioo....! can't stop admire it!!!! :D

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uuuuuiiiii... can't stop admire this awesome photography work!

check this out:

luv it bunch, really2 like the colors, the moment captured, and the cheerful read from those pictures...

probably now i can only admire these art, but really2 interested in this field,
if there is any way to learn it, sure i will take that opportunity, any one? :)

** Question: How to make the picture color like the one captured in Starbuck Coffee at the link? really like the color! and what is the color concept named?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

kantung anggur yang baru....

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Yesterday, as usual.. went to URBAN service, and again, during the service,
He spoke to me thru the service leader, when he spoke about new thing that God will give to us. Gosh! I really really doesn't like when he speak about it! Coz my heart seems rebel to receive it.. But , to be honest, at my first attendance at URBAN service, the first thing that I remember at the time he also said about : kantung anggur yang baru ( dunno how to translate it into English :) )
And again, yesterday nite, he said about new thing that God will give us...

Hmm... Why does my heart so hard to receive it... And I am afraid of standing in different side of Him... coz I know what kind of Person I deal with.. He has power to control my life just as He wants to.

And alsoooo: yesterday the opening song is the song I heard in SIngapore:
"I'm not gonna live by what I see... I'm not gonna live by what I feel..."
God... it has been about 2.5 months ya from that moment.. Thanks God, I've passed that time... and now the even the scar is still there, but the pain is being heal. Thanks God... :)

Aiiiiyaa... the second great things has happened during this year:
First : as I mentioned before : accidently going to Malay.. hehe
Second: for some time ago I was thinking of helping my parent to renov our new house,... but at the time I just thought that probably I can only give not much money since I still have to save for another plan... But suddenly... this month the employee get yearly bonus... And thanks God , He answers me, even I just dream of doing it, but He make it possible to me! Our awesome God : "Allah ku kan mencukup kebutuhan ku, menurut kekayaan dan kemuliaanNya."

Again, I 'm proud of being Your daughter.... :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

kembali ttg rasa syukur....

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last nite have a dinner w/ ko mike and loli at sky dining-pelangi...
and like alwayz.. after getting full, we were then talking seriously... wekeke...
(i really love them both! my mentors...)

sharing about life.. about our condition, then ko mike and loli suggest me not to grumbling ... but be thxful for all things that God has given us...even for the small thing... coz our prblem will seem bigger when our heart's response is negative...

Yes...i was complaining God... coz seems that He was stay in different way of me...
but.. last saturday I read daily dev and read about good father: Is there any good father that will give us stone when we ask for bread... He knows better than us...He will give the best... :)

Ya, i'll learn... to give thanks for things that has bee given to me.. even it need process... coz it is hard to do so...


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