Sunday, January 17, 2010

the year of restoration (like this! )

Posted by vero at 4:44 AM
today's message is about restoration, the preacher says, this year is the year of restoration, expect great things will happen to our live...
Yes, amen for it!

World is not getting better, world is getting worse and worse, but for them, who lives with Him, will experience different things... what ever our past was.. all failure, all pain will be restored... be health...

during the service, suddenly i was reminded bout a verse Josh 1:8, in order to get our journey be blessed and be lucky... we have to live in His ways... :)

new hope for this year that God will give MANY great things that i've never thought before... I believe... I believe in You.... I believe ... I believe in You...

Love Him every day... the best father... best friend ever!


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