Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gee... i almost reach the edge...

Posted by vero at 6:32 AM
this is my last 2 month working for my current company...

today, i was left, alone at the meeting room, and suddenly have a flash back to the time when i join this company at the mid of 2007...yes, at the same meeting room..
come earlier than others, turn on my PC, work until late... Gee... really miss that moment... my first team at SentraPay :) , my lunch fren, my little cell group :)

Have to admit that i do get lots things here... , friends, lots learning points, the stressful :), much more...

there are also some time that i do tired of facing this field, but i also know that i will miss it lots as well.. :)

".....Gee... i almost reach the edge......"


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